Acunto Mario Classico Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

The Acunto Mario Classico oven is a professional handmade wood fired oven that is constructed according to the most stringent and detailed constructive rules of the Neapolitan tradition. The dome is made entirely from special refractory bricks molded by hand one at a time. The oven floor is instead composed of a circular surface made of baked clay created with soil found in specific locations in the region. Under the floor, there are different materials arranged in layers to provide the necessary heat transfer properties and heat retention. A skeletal steel structure guarantees its extreme strength and solidity and the overall is then covered by layers of clayey/ refractory material to ensure the proper thermal insulation. The CLASSICO oven is available in different sizes and also additional optional shapes VULCANO and VULCANO Extra. Please contact us to leave your email for receiving all necessary documentation listed below:

  • Acunto Dimension and Styles (Classico, Vulcano, and Vulcano Extra)
  • Owners Operators Manual
  • Declaration of Venting
  • UL Certificate
  • Tile Dimension Quantities for Oven Exterior
  • Curing/Seasoning Instructions

Acunto MarioClassico '5'

Internal Diameter 120 cm/47.25″ (5-6 pizzas)

Acunto Mario Classico ‘7’

Internal Diameter 130 cm/51″ (6-7 pizzas)

Acunto Mario Classico ’10’

Internal Diameter 140 cm/55.00″ (7-8 pizzas)